Friday, November 7, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it snow, let it snow!!

We had no school today, and woke up to fluffy falling flakes!

The kids had a ball playing in the snow, and  Mom remembered how long it takes to get everyone 'buffered' against the elements and out the door to go anywhere in the winter :).

I LOVE snow between now and Christmas... then get prepared for a GREAT many complaint entries starting around January (consider yourself warned...).

Let the Christmas music Roll!!  (Oh yea, I already did that...)


4kidsandcrazy said...

I agree, but I can actually enjoy snow through January, then I'm ready for spring.
Don't you love those mother moments when you see yourself through your children. At least yours seemed to be somewhat nice and not screaming some awful thing you once uttered in a fit of insanity. (No that couldn't possibly have happened to me;)

Janie said...

awesome:) we had about an inch on Thursday.but it mealted by noon:(
love ya tons

Shan said...

Brooke and I were looking at your pictures together, and she said, "Mom, why can't it snow here?!" I said, "Well, we are quite a ways south of Minnesota." We are looking forward to snow, too. Brooke just got new snow boots yesterday in preparation for the snow and is excited to use them.

Conner Clan said...

I'm so jealous! Snow always gets you in the holiday spirit! Can you mail me some? :)
I liked the post about Sarah too. Very funny. Lily is already a exact pattern duplicate of myself when I was younger, and Ethan is a male version of me as well. I've already caught myself saying, you wait till you have kids, I hope you have one just like yourself! And yes, like you said, it does come around full circle! Very funny! Have a good weekend! :)