Friday, July 22, 2011

Oh what do you do in the summer time, when all the world is...


Do you jump on the tramp?

 ... or make bombs out of bags...

Or lay in the stream going by??

Is that what you do??

So do I......

... or bike...

... or maybe even shoot some hoops :)

Yes, we had a spell where it was absolutely pouring rain around these parts for a few days in a row.  Not to be ones to sit by the window and wait for it to pass, the kiddos donned their 'gear' (layers of soon-to-be-soaking clothes) and rushed into the torrents with gleeful shouts of joy.

Nope, no summer storm is gonna get us down :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

And they went "bleck bleck bleck" all the way home

Note to self:
   Do not fly across the country, then drive back.  Somehow that drive back will seem like it takes fooorrreeevvveeerrr.

 Let me back up a bit...

Normally when we do the cross country trips, we load all the kiddos up, pack enough food for an army, hop in the car and a short 2 day jaunt later, we come crawling into one of our relatives houses.  It's the routine, we know it, we deal with it.

This time, since we got to 'borrow' my parents suburban while they skip the country for the next three years, we came up with the *brilliant* plan to fly out to Utah, then drive the Suburban back.

Again, the first time we have done the full family cross country flight.  We were all pretty much in awe at the fact that we got on the plane at breakfast time, and by lunch we had landed in Utah.  It was amazing!!

... fast forward 2 1/2 weeks (and a bundle of mini-road trips between Utah and Idaho) (pictures to come... when I can get my act together, that is!), we loaded up the troops, and started the journey home.  By lunch time we were... well... not very far along.  

   Add to that 2 throw up sessions on day one, and two more on day two, and the car ride seemed infinitely longer.

  We did make it home, kinda sorta in one peace.
... and even made it before midnight (10:46 to be exact)!
... about which, after unloaded everything, Jerry took the kids out to 'celebrate' by lighting a few fireworks.
... did I mention it was just before midnight?!
... and all of our neighbors were asleep?!
... yep, we threw ourselves our own 'welcome home' shebang...
Don't you wish you lived next door to us now??