Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shhhh, don't tell my OB....

Hey, he never actually said, "No Roller Skating..."

Rollar skating at the family fun center... it only took about 1/2 a skate to realize that I am WAY past my prime, zig zag, spin circles skating days...

Brian took Joshy for a spin around the rin

Seth showing his styling skates... before he took one step on the rink, and decided that the scooter route was much more his style :)

Ben with his fancy moves... which he preferred to perform on the carpet area :)

Tayler getting ready to hit the rounds

Jacee and Avery showing their stuff

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Way more pictures than you ever cared to see of us :)

Ahhh, the love of siblings :)

I love little watered up faces

Ben got quite the surprise when the new sprinkler snapped back around... in his face :)

Sometimes a diaper run is the best run

Jerry at the final of the final of the FINAL graduation ceremony!!!  10 years of training all boiled down to a certificate and a hand shake :)

Jerry's parents made the monstrous trek to MN for the Big graduation day 
(thank you so much for coming!!)

... and they brought with them fun games and gifts for the kiddos

Seth blowing out the candles on one of his multiple birthday cakes 
 (this was the 'guys side' of the party)

Sarah blowing out her candles on the 'girls side' of the birthday party

Seth and Sarah on their actual birthday with the family... again more birthday cakes :)

Seth with dad on the 'big pull' to get his front tooth out...

After weeks of wiggling, he is finally front-tooth free :)

Sarah saying farewell to her tonsils :)

Strawberry picking with the cousins... 

...or is that strawberry 'tasting' with the cousins?! 

A day at the park with the fam
 (Michelle, Brian, Sarah, and Emma is having a 'chat' on the play cell phone in the back ;)  ).

Seth and Emma (aka Rabunzel) hangin in the back yard

4th of July ward breakfast

The girls with their star spangled 'do rags'

Ben giving Joshy a lift in the childrens parade

Sarah and Taylor hangin together at the House of Bounce

Taylor and Seth duke it out

Sarah, the self-declared Champion!

Seth 'helping' Joshy down one of the big boy slides at house of bounce

And after all of this... the sweet, sensational pedicure - 

Friday, July 3, 2009

Busy Making the memories...

Cousins here...
    Making memories....
Will blog about said memories soon :)

Here's the readers digest version...

-- grampa and gramma visit
-- Graduation (yes, THE graduation!!!)
-- Surgeries and broken bones... (more on both later!)
-- Another episode of psycho dog
-- Cousins visit
-- Park playing
-- Summer Swimming
-- Late night talking
-- Pedicure getting (Ahhhhh...)
-- New job starting (can you say, Jerry Brewer, Consultant??!  Fun times!)
-- Birthday celebrating
-- Birthday party surviving
-- Birthday cake eating (and eating... and eating... )
-- Pregnancy growing (and growing... and growing...)
-- Plenty of picture taking (with FUN new fancy schmancy camera - I think I may be turning into a picture snob!!)
-- Hip Hop teaching (Seriously, I look a lot cooler in my mind than my pregnant body does in the mirror doing all of the 'grooves')
-- Just plain soaking in the sunn-ing 

(Did I say this was the reader's digest version??  Ummm, I meant the not-so-readers digest version, but at least somewhat condensed-version ;)  ).

And the best news of all... ONE WEEK to our Big summer trip!!!  Western Country, here we come!!!