Friday, July 3, 2009

Busy Making the memories...

Cousins here...
    Making memories....
Will blog about said memories soon :)

Here's the readers digest version...

-- grampa and gramma visit
-- Graduation (yes, THE graduation!!!)
-- Surgeries and broken bones... (more on both later!)
-- Another episode of psycho dog
-- Cousins visit
-- Park playing
-- Summer Swimming
-- Late night talking
-- Pedicure getting (Ahhhhh...)
-- New job starting (can you say, Jerry Brewer, Consultant??!  Fun times!)
-- Birthday celebrating
-- Birthday party surviving
-- Birthday cake eating (and eating... and eating... )
-- Pregnancy growing (and growing... and growing...)
-- Plenty of picture taking (with FUN new fancy schmancy camera - I think I may be turning into a picture snob!!)
-- Hip Hop teaching (Seriously, I look a lot cooler in my mind than my pregnant body does in the mirror doing all of the 'grooves')
-- Just plain soaking in the sunn-ing 

(Did I say this was the reader's digest version??  Ummm, I meant the not-so-readers digest version, but at least somewhat condensed-version ;)  ).

And the best news of all... ONE WEEK to our Big summer trip!!!  Western Country, here we come!!!


Walt & Eileen Petersen said...

Wow...hey, who has a broken bone?
We figure from the "cousins" mention that Bri 'n 'Chelle and kids got their okay.
Have a great 4th...we know with PyroMan your fireworks will be awesome!
Love, Mom & Dad - Argentina

Robin Conner said...

I can't wait for all the pics of all you've been doing! Especially the birthday pics of the twins! Have fun on your journey west! Take lots of pics!