Saturday, August 27, 2011

Slurping the last tastes of summer...

Driving down our beautiful green-tree lined streets the other day, I caught myself getting a little excited for the fabulous fall colored leaves... 
and then had to catch myself 
and remind myself that right behind that
came the freezing tundra land that is minnesota ALL WINTER LONG.

So, we have decided to use this last week before schools starts as our

Elizabeth was all over that philosophy!
 ... yes, she is still in a not-match-shoes-on-purpose-phase.  priceless!

Joshy decided water guns are best served in re-hydrating oneself...

sprinkler tramp-jumping... a summer tradition :)

And what would summer be like without the age-old slip-n-slide??!

yep... just another day of soaking it all in
... except for the parts that get blocked out from the sunscreen
(gotta keep Mr. Derm happy :)  ).