Friday, March 18, 2011

My Grass Half Full Guy...

One day, when we were walking into the Y
In the frigid cold
While the rest of the world was blossoming
And I was cursing our tundra land still well covered in snow
Ben ran ahead and turned around with a huge smile on his face,
and exclaimed, "Mom, Look!  Grass!!"
and he was standing in the one strip in all of minnesota that actually had unearthed some real ground.

and that pretty much describes my boy - 
always looking on the bright side of life
very quiet, but very positive.
I know that he was sent to earth specifically for me...
to help me see the bright side of life
when I tend to get down in the dumps

Sure do love this guy!
 (no, this is not trick photography,  
and no, the girl next to him is not a midget... she is actually a 'normal' sized kindergartner... 
he really is that tall.)

And to celebrate his recent birthday, he got not one... 

but TWO ultra cool-super-fancy super hero cakes.

(this is a light saber, for those of you who are still trying to determine what the second one is.
He requested a star wars cake...
and I thought - darth vador... not happening
storm trooper... not happening
light saber - straight lines... I can do that :).

Happy Birthday Ben!!
(now please stop growing up so fast!!)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I DO so like green eggs and ham...

... I DO, I like them Sam I Am...

Especially on Saint Patrick's Day!!

As appropriate for the holiday, Ben picked one of his favorite books, Green Eggs and Ham...
and following gramma missions tradition for as long as I can remember,
The kids came to a breakfast of, yes, green eggs and ham :)

... and this is about the only way you will see me drink a green smoothy...
which is really our latest passion (dream cycle smoothy)...
with a bit of green food coloring :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What's wrong with this picture??!

In an effort to usher in spring, I broke out the eater decor... and it just seems wrong that there is a fire in the fireplace with all of the fun spring colors surrounding it.

To borrow a phrase from one of my friends here:  I feel like I'm becoming the weather... bitter and cold!!

Please, Please... send in the heat lamps... I'm afraid I've forgotten what the color green looks like!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Baby Steps...

I was raised on the teachings of "food storage for a year"

Seriously, I think I heard it from the womb... 
Not a general conference goes by 
that we don't hear something about food storage.

And I have found plenty of excuses in my adult life 
to not exactly heed the calling:
... I was a poor collage student
(besides, didn't BYU have some deep reserve for students stashed away in some mountain vault anyway??  I felt pretty secure there..."
... then we were poor medical students
and planning on moving soon anyway
who wants to move thousands of pounds of wheat every few years??!
... then we were poor residents
and were struggling to eat day to day, let alone plan out a year in advance
(in my defense, I did try to store up some here and there...
even tried to get a big chunk once with some extra income,
to which hubby laid claim to some new dermatology books...
... to which I replied that I wouldn't hesitate to burn as fuel for food in 'the famine')

... then we made it to 'consultant status'
... and student loans started knocking on the doors.

... well, you get the idea - 

But it has always been there
deep in the recesses of my brain
nagging, tugging, warning:

As I plugged in our numbers to the 'super duper food storage calculator' 
on our church's web site,
I was a wee bit overwhelmed to see that we would need
2100 pounds of wheat for our family
2100 pounds??!  Isn't that over a TON??!
and that was just in the wheat category.
... there are many more categories.

enter: overwhelmed theme music...

This year, I finally decided I needed to do something...
 so I decided I would go for the blizzard storage...
as in:  when a blizzard is forecast I don't want to have to leave my house for anything
(since our last one was such a fiasco... see earlier blog post...)

So I got all excited,
got couponing,
got a bunch of stuff.
Set up shelves to organize it,
having visions of standing back to a hallelujah chorus of angels...

only to realize how little we really did have.
(cue music: whuaa, whuaa, whuaa)

Seriously, folks...
not a whole lot to speak of...

... so in a vast effort to keep the enthusiasm, I told myself, "well, this is a great time for a 'before' picture!"
and I decided to document our climb into the food storage world,
one grain at a time...

And so begins our baby steps to food storage project...
adding in a new shelf...

And watching it grow bit

by bit...

even starting to fill these...

with these...
yes, that middle shelf is holding 50 pounds of black beans.
... I feel a canning party coming on!

baby steps, folks.  baby steps.
I'll get to the 2 TON mark.
one grain at a time :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

They may have the same birthday...

But that's about all they have in common...
It has been a very interesting experience to raise twins
Especially some as different in every aspect as our boy and girl.
They have all of the classic differences:

one completely outgoing
one who I had to literally carry to the stage kicking and screaming for his first violin recital

...  one who loves reading
... and one who loves math

... one who picks up on things very quickly
... and one who needs plenty of repetition and practice to master some things

Yep, same birthday,
Different everything else.

This years Valentine's Day mailboxes are no exception to the rule:

Seth's box
(finished in about 10 min)

Sarah's box
(which took well into the night, 
and then some more 'touch ups' in the morning to complete)

Love my twins!!