Wednesday, March 2, 2011

They may have the same birthday...

But that's about all they have in common...
It has been a very interesting experience to raise twins
Especially some as different in every aspect as our boy and girl.
They have all of the classic differences:

one completely outgoing
one who I had to literally carry to the stage kicking and screaming for his first violin recital

...  one who loves reading
... and one who loves math

... one who picks up on things very quickly
... and one who needs plenty of repetition and practice to master some things

Yep, same birthday,
Different everything else.

This years Valentine's Day mailboxes are no exception to the rule:

Seth's box
(finished in about 10 min)

Sarah's box
(which took well into the night, 
and then some more 'touch ups' in the morning to complete)

Love my twins!!


Robin Conner said...

Awwww, so cute! Such cute twins! Love them and their differences!

Walt and Eileen said...

We love Seth and's been a great experience to watch them grow up to age 8 1/2.
We love Ben, Josh, and Lizzy, too. Hope I get Ben's belated b-day letter done today.
Love, Grama 'n Grampa Mission - Idaho-a sunny March day.

Sue Howe said...

Such cute comments about Seth and Sarah. They are so special and to be able to watch them grow makes it all the more special. I think girls are born with the ideas of "I want to grow up" and boys are born with the ideas "I like being a boy, and sometimes a young boy". Boys don't really get into the growing up ideas until later. They each are so special and I love them so much. Love Grama Sue