Friday, March 18, 2011

My Grass Half Full Guy...

One day, when we were walking into the Y
In the frigid cold
While the rest of the world was blossoming
And I was cursing our tundra land still well covered in snow
Ben ran ahead and turned around with a huge smile on his face,
and exclaimed, "Mom, Look!  Grass!!"
and he was standing in the one strip in all of minnesota that actually had unearthed some real ground.

and that pretty much describes my boy - 
always looking on the bright side of life
very quiet, but very positive.
I know that he was sent to earth specifically for me...
to help me see the bright side of life
when I tend to get down in the dumps

Sure do love this guy!
 (no, this is not trick photography,  
and no, the girl next to him is not a midget... she is actually a 'normal' sized kindergartner... 
he really is that tall.)

And to celebrate his recent birthday, he got not one... 

but TWO ultra cool-super-fancy super hero cakes.

(this is a light saber, for those of you who are still trying to determine what the second one is.
He requested a star wars cake...
and I thought - darth vador... not happening
storm trooper... not happening
light saber - straight lines... I can do that :).

Happy Birthday Ben!!
(now please stop growing up so fast!!)


Emma P. said...

Ben, you do always see the bright side in everything. Those cakes look pretty awesome! is what my positive side is saying! I hope you have the best birthday ever and all your birthday wishes come true!
P.S. Keep your mom on the positive side!


mnjacksons said...

Happy Birthday Ben! We sure do miss you. Ellie says Hi to her friend Ben in Minnesota!

Sue Howe said...

Sweet Ben. You are a special and loving grandson. You have great parents and brothers and sisters. I love and miss you Ben. I'm glad you had a very wonderful Birthday. Love you Gramma Sue

Robin Conner said...

he is so handsome! What a cute little guy! Love love love that he got so excited to see a small patch of grass! What a cutie!