Thursday, April 7, 2011

I WANT to share pictures...

Really, I do...

I mean, I took about a bazillion.
And then took a few more.

And that was just of Iguasu Falls...

And each time I took my eyes off the incredibly breathtaking scenery
To glance at the technologically engineered rendition of the view,
I found myself extremely disappointed and frustrated.

So I finally stopped trying to capture it on film.
And tried to stare as long as possible
To just capture it in my mind.

And hopefully never forget how majestic it was
And how incredibly small I felt
And how in awe I became.
And couldn't even put it into words...
I would just have to look at it,
and then look at my husband
and pinch myself to remember that I was actually fully awake and alert
And standing in this part of heaven on earth
Next to my best friend in the world
And life was about as complete as it could be
(minus our 5 kids who happened to be a continent away at the moment...
and who would have probably caused me many heart attacks
as they wandered a little too far out on the many 'not quite up to U.S. codes' board walks
...that went literally out to the very drop off point at the top of the waterfall
Or in the boat at the bottom,
where the driver drove right under the waterfall, so I was sitting literally at the exact base of the waterfall...
getting my own 'little' Iguasu waterfall shower)


Iguasu Falls.
Worth every minute of 5 different plane rides to behold.


mnjacksons said...

I so want to go there. Glad you had a great time. Can't wait for the pictures. love ya

Robin Conner said...

so glad you got to go! And so happy you had such a marvelous time! Even your workouts at the hotel were magical! ;) ha ha! Love ya, and can't wait to see the pictures! ♥

Sue Howe said...

Thank you Jen for such a beautiful discription of the Falls in Brazil. As I read you elloquent thoughts expressed on paper, I had a tear because of your great ability to paint a picture with words. You literally captured my heart. Thank you. Much love.