Friday, July 22, 2011

Oh what do you do in the summer time, when all the world is...


Do you jump on the tramp?

 ... or make bombs out of bags...

Or lay in the stream going by??

Is that what you do??

So do I......

... or bike...

... or maybe even shoot some hoops :)

Yes, we had a spell where it was absolutely pouring rain around these parts for a few days in a row.  Not to be ones to sit by the window and wait for it to pass, the kiddos donned their 'gear' (layers of soon-to-be-soaking clothes) and rushed into the torrents with gleeful shouts of joy.

Nope, no summer storm is gonna get us down :)


Julie said...

can you remind sarah that we are pen pals if she forgot!:):)and i need your address thanks
P.S. your favorite nese!!!!!!!!!!

Julie said...

P.P.S.Its cute!!!:):):):):)!!!

Walt and Eileen said... half full of rain water it looks like! Fun post.
I've not been able to get a post to post on this new laptop and forgot to have our computer guru show us what to do before we left.
We're settling in to San Salvador.
Love, Mom & Dad

Robin Conner said...

Love it! What's a little rain? Or a lot? Ha! At least the kids can have fun rain or shine!