Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We're Baaaack!!

    So our internet has been down for the past few days, and can I just say, I am officially addicted.  I think I went into the shakes over not having it there right at the tip of my fingers, anytime I needed it.  I have learned that I can live without a LOT of things in life.  Internet is NOT one of those things.  It got so bad for the last few days that I seriously considered loading up all of the kids and going to the local coffee shop just to get onto their wifi connection.  If you have ever seen me in a confined public space with all four kids in tow, you KNOW how desperate I truly was that this option even looked appealing to me!
   But the tech guy came to the house (which was pretty funny, since when he got here, he called the same number I had called for tech support, and they basically walked him through step by step what they could have easily walked me through, but oh well, I got the internet back, I will not complain!!), and we are back online... and there was much rejoicing (to coin a phrase from Monty Python!!).
    We hope your summer is winding down fabulously, and that you finally get a chance to breath when school opens up once again :).

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