Monday, August 25, 2008

Exhibit #857...

... otherwise known as, "Why I hate my dog"
     Seriously, when is the last time you actually walked over to the TV to change the channel/volume/etc??  I know, I know, I tout it all the time in my health lectures, "You know, you could burn more calories at night just by going without the remote for a while..."  But in reality, that tidbit of healthy advice fits into my "do what I say, not what I do" category.
The main benefit to walking to the TV has been that I can take a good swing at said dog on each trip.  Okay, okay before you go calling PETA (or whatever that animals rights group is...) on me,       I don't really kick my dog.  I just really, really want to sometimes!!

... P.S.  Did I mention that this is the THIRD remote the defendant has destroyed??!


i'm h.mac said...

oh bailey, one day your owner will appreciate you, maybe after you've been gone 25 years, but one day (hehehe)

Dad Howe said...

That device is, obviously, a dog suppository. Use accordingly.

Jobows said...

Isn't time? Jen you have to be rid of that dog! Also did you lose your phone?! I know, I know you are like the busiest person on earth, but was just wondering when you were going to be coming to the land of plenty?
Let me know!!!

John & Julie said...


Conner Clan said...

Oh how funny! Sorry, but still pretty hilarious! Poor Bailey doesn't have a chance! :)
Happy Birthday darlin! Did you remove your amazon list? I can't find you on there girl! I wanted to get ya something. Email me and let me know if you got rid of it, or if it's under a different name.
love you and best wishes today!