Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Day at the Dells

Since our summer officially began on August 12, we decided to make up for lost swimming trips, and headed to the Dells for a weekend of fun.  If you aren't from the midwest, you may be asking yourself, "what are the Dells, and how can you make up for a whole summer of swimming there??"  
   Wisconsin Dells - strategically placed in the middle of winter tundra land (so it's no wonder that their 'busy' season is in the heart of winter!!) is an entire town FILLED with hotel after hotel that have 3-5 major water parks inside their buildings.  Ours was the Great Wolf Lodge, which had a water park about the size of 3 Seven Peaks put together.  It was massive.  It was fun.  It was TIRING!
Seth and Sarah on the big turtle

Seth 'striking a pose'

Ben was in heaven with his own slides to go down (it's not often that you see a sign that says only people under this height allowed!!)

... and they all drove home happily ever after :)  
(they didn't even budge when we put them from the car to their beds - the easiest night routine EVER!)


John & Julie said...

Yeah, glad you finally got some family time. When are you coming here and for how long?

Brewer Bunch said...

Julie -
We are hoping to finalize it today, and it would be next Thursday until Labor day (5 days). We will only bring Joshy with us, so I am sad that the kids won't get to see the cousins (they have been asking when they can go to Jacee and Jacksons again - I don't think I'll tell them that's exactly where mom and dad are going... without them :( ).
I'll let you know when things get finalized. Take care and we'll see you soon!

Chel said...

Love the pic of them crashed out in the van! Great Wolf Lodge is worth every penny!!

Conner Clan said...

Hey girl, I can't live without the internet either! I'm glad yours is up and running again! My computer is down right now too, so it's hard! But thankfully I can use Darren's. Your trip to the Dells looked really fun! and the beauty of it all is, no sunscrean and sunburns! :) Miss you guys. we need to arrange the Christmas gift exchange soon. I always forget who got who last year! :) Chat later

mnjacksons said...

I love the Dells. i am so glad you got to go. looked like fun. miss you.