Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Eagle has Landed!!!!!

   The day has come - THE TEST is over!!!!  Jerry made it back from Chicago at midnight last night, very worn out after a whole day of testing.  I absolutely don't envy him and all of the insane tidbits of information he had to digest in the past little while.  
    Now we just kickback, settle in, and wait for TEN WEEKS for the scores to be mailed to us.  (And I thought the hard part was behind us...)
     Oh, the joys of medical training just NEVER END!!!!


John & Julie said...

Congratulations! Does this mean you have your husband back?

Summer said...

Wahoo!!! Sort of anyways : ) Congrats to you both, I'm SURE he did awesome

Scott, Heidi and clan said...

seriously! 10 WEEKS! oh my..... but congrats its over!

Annie said...

Oh Jen! I don't envy you at all! You are such a patient wife! I am glad that his testing is over...however, we all know that Jerry will continue to stay incredibly, over the top, BUSY!