Saturday, August 30, 2008

Go get'em, Tiger!

  So, we are half way across the country from our kids right now - fun on one end, gut wrenching on the other end.  They have been going to the Mayo back up day care during the day and then staying at a friends house at night (HUGE THANK YOU Summer and Paul - you guys are amazing!!).  
    The first day after their day care experience, we got a call from Sarah.  It is the call that breaks any parents heart - someone was being a bully.  Here is how it went down from Sarah's perspective:
    "Mommy, there was a mean kid in a black shirt who pushed me.  I told him to stop, but he didn't, and I told the teacher, but she didn't do anything."  Right about now, I started going through the steps that I would take to catch the next flight home to track down said mean-kid-in-the-black-shirt and turn momma bear on him, but then Sarah continued:
    "When he walked by me again, I went 'GRRRRRRR'.... just like a tiger!"   Me, "Did he push you again?"  Sarah, "No he didn't!"
    Yep, she's going to be just fine.  


Summer said...

Jen - when we picked your kids up after the first day it was Seth who complained about the kid bullying him. Sarah didn't say too much about it. We got the kids down for bed that night and then I left (for a freinds b-day get together) from about 9pm to 11pm. So whe you called the next morning I had no idea that Sarah was concerned about the bully too, that they didn't want to go back, or that you had even talked to them about it!!! (Paul was asleep when I got home that night). He called me that afternoon and told me about the kids conversation with him and with you, but I was not very informed when I talked to you earlier that morning. Then I felt really bad that I'd sent them again! However, they didn't complain about it. When we got there they seemed excited to go. And luckily, the bully kid was not there that day : ) So your kids are cute and tough and I hope you guys are having a good time!

P.S. I think Sarah has a crush on Paul - more details when you get home : )

Conner Clan said...

Way to go Sarah! You'll have to teach her Karate when you get back! :) Tell her to beat up any boys that tease her! :) And Seth better protect his sister too! Or maybe she can protect them both! ha ha! I would be sad too, that would be really hard, but I hope you guys are having a good time despite being away from the little ones! When does school start for Seth and Sarah? Ethan starts tomorrow! Love and miss ya! Chat soon!