Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tagged... Again! 5 questions...

Okay, Jogus - this one's for you!

5 most important qualities in a person:
unconditional love

5 things I cannot live without
evening de-compress mode
snuggles (especially from the kiddos!)
in-depth talks

5 foods I love
is there anything else that matters??...

Potatoes In ANY form!
truffle dessert
perfectly sweet orange/peach/fruit of any kind
Belgian waffles

5 places I want to go:
(It would be easier to name 5 places I wouldn't want to go!)
Disneyland (for the kiddos!)
Argentina (at least for the next 17 months!)

5 random things
I love to listen to my kids talk to each other
I love getting a great deal on something
I really wish wyoming and nebraska could be sucked out of the US (sorry, Stewart and Shannon - not at all because you live there! - I just hate driving through those states to get close to family!) - it would make staying here for work so much easier!
Deep inside of me, there is an organized person just waiting to come out!... if I could just sift through the piles of papers I have on top of her to actually let her out...
I crave having people come and visit - I love having people stay at our house - even with all of it's craziness!

5 people to do the same...
Robin (there- I tagged you first for once :)  )
Stew and Shan
Anna :)


Beauty and the Jogus said...

I LOVE YOUR ANSWERS!!! I hope this tag game reaches many others...

Conner Clan said...

Loved the answers and loved the pics of the kids with the "orange balls!" so funny. I'm feeling like time passed really quick too! I'm feeling like I'm running out of time to get stuff done before Christmas and such! You're not alone! :) Miss you guys!