Saturday, October 4, 2008

Halloween Practice, Take 6: Attack of the killer pumpkins!

We also thought that since Halloween night is so dark for pictures, we would do some 'pre-Halloween shots'
We have a neighbor up the street who raises these MONSTER pumpkins every year.  They are so fun to play on, and make such a fun picture spot :).

Janie - this one's for you.  Seth in his traditional "Morphin-Time" Power Rangers pose.  Did you have any idea when Aimee was 6 and they just got into power rangers that the crazy Japanese-talk-over paper mache monster flick would last this long?  Oh, and Yes, I still break into a good, "It's MORPHIN time, POWER UP"  and yes, I have been told by my kids that I need to stop (ah, yes, it did take me back to the "Mom, you're emberresing me!" moment with Aimee in the grocery store in IL).

Sarah, ever ready to strike a pose as our little princess.  She wants to be Rapunzel this year... any ideas on making "Rapunzel" hair for our little long-hair-challenged daughter??!

"Batman" Benjamin climbed all the way up this pumpkin himself, and was quite proud of the effort :)  ... Side note:  you will probably see him in at least 3 different costumes before the big trick-or-treat moment... and maybe even 1 or 2 during the course of Halloween night :).  He can't quite make up his mind...

Our little "alligator" Josh.  No real rhyme or reason to this choice.  It was the one costume we had in his size... and he isn't old enough to complain about it, or care that his brother wore it a few years ago :).


Julie said...

Buy a wig for her - there are lots of fun long ones!

Conner Clan said...

I love love love those huge pumpkins! What great pictures! That was awesome! Our kids already dug out our costumes too and wear them everyday, if Ethan could wear his to school he would. but those were really cool pumpkins and cute shots of the kids on them! Sorry we've had such a hard time playing phone tag! :) Hopefully we'll get to chat soon! :)

Beauty and the Jogus said...

CUTE PICTURES!!! Those pumkins are HUMUNGO!!!!!!!! Have a great halloween!!