Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quote of Conference...

"Don't let a problem to be solved be more important than a person to be loved." 
-- President Thomas S. Monson  (or S. Monson for short, as Seth keeps calling him!)

 Wow - that one really hit me on Sunday.  Great thought!  (although, I do have to say, cherishing the fingerprints may be a stretch for me right now - well finger prints I can handle... muddy foot prints on a newly mopped kitchen floor - that one will take some effort to put into the 'cherishing' category!  Muddy paw prints??  Not going to fit into cherishing category.  Ever.  Enough said!)  

What were some of your favorite thoughts from conference?

... oh, another talk I loved was "Christian Courage"  Great thoughts through this whole talk.

... oh yea, and I LOVED, "Mom, just want you to know, we had a HARD time!"  Very cute.  Very great talk.

... can you tell which session I paid the most attention to?  (and stayed awake through the whole thing while the baby slept the whole time, even.  The perfect mommy/conference combo!!)

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4kidsandcrazy said...

My favorite quote (or idea) was from the women's conference. I loved Elder Uchdorf's comments about helping yourself when you are down. First give service (of course) and second create something. I have felt so much better about life since I've started doing little creative things now and then.