Sunday, October 19, 2008

I have finally caught up with the season...

But in my mind, I am still somewhere mid May (don't let the Christmas music fool you into thinking I am actually ahead of the season... Christmas music is usually a standard around our house year round!) and keep waking up to frosty weather wondering what is happening before I get my bearings and realize that yes, the summer HAS come, and it IS gone...  and I will see a boat load of SNOW and ICE before my beloved summer re-appears!

In fact, I was driving a couple of weeks ago and saw a 10k race with a sign that said, "Harvest Classic" and thought, 'Now, why are they doing a Harvest Race this time of year??'  before I remembered, 'Oh yea, because it IS Harvest Classic time of year, duh!'

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE FALL - it is one of my favorite times of year.
I even LOVE snow (did I just say that??!)...
From the first snow fall, clear up until Christmas - I love everything (okay, Almost everything) about snowy days.
... But come December 26, BRING ON THE SUN!!

So for now - we will suck every last minute out of the crisp, crunchy leaves stomping, autumn days...

The kids had a blast running through the 'Hay maze'

Joshy thought he struck gold with all of these 'orange balls' and tried in vain to pick every one up he could get his hands on.

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Beauty and the Jogus said...

Well, it's always hard to keep up!!

Glad you had a good time doing fall things. That picture of Joshey is SOOOO coute!! Sam likes the orange balls,too. His favorite book is Five Little Pumpkins.