Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tagged... 7 Random things

So here goes - my 7...

1.  I must know the end of every book I read, right when I start reading it. Dare I say it... I am a last page first reader.  Yes, I knew that Dumbledor died in Harry Potter, yes, I knew how Twilight ended.  I fully admit it, in fact I embrace it... I am a 'happily ever after' girl, and if something doesn't have a happy ending, most likely I won't read it.

2.  I am a horrible singer (okay, that is not so random - if you have ever had the 'pleasure' of sitting anywhere close to me during singing time, you unfortunately know this fact - it speaks to true friendship that you still included me in karaoke tonight, Ann!).  What is random about this is that when I am driving, I will sing at the top of my lungs to any song that I remotely know (and some that I don't know at all), and sing as if I am the best singer in the world.  Yes, my kids have been known to say, "mommy, may can you please stop singing?!"

3.  I am a 'topping person'  i.e.  Frosting - required... cake - optional.  Hot fudge-required... ice cream-optional.  Pie 'guts'-required... crust- optional (not even optional - yuck!!  Unless it's graham cracker crust - then it's crust required, guts optional).  Oreo filling-required... wafer cookies-optional.  Crunch berries-required... regular cap'n crunch pieces-optional.  ... I think you get the jist...

4.  I hate dirty feet.  But I also hate shoes.  I will go barefoot outside, and then come in and wash my feet in the sink.

5.  I could do aerobics (in a one square foot parameter) for hours on end, without blinking an eye, but I would rather clean toilets then have to run a single mile.

6.  I fall asleep in almost every movie we watch at night.  Then I wake up when we go up to bed and make Jerry tell me the story line of the whole thing that I missed.

7.  I hate putting clothes away from the laundry room.   I will wash, I will dry, I will fold.  The actual taking of the folded clothes and putting them away drives me crazy.  I will seriously let clean, folded clothes pile up forever before I actually put them away!  One of the first chores I have the kids learn is how to put their own clothes away, using their own baskets (thanks for that trick, mom!)

... so there you have it, more things then you ever wanted to know about me :).  I tag:

1. Michelle
2. Marissa
3. Jolene
4.  Summer
5.  Sarah
6.  Heather
7.  Shannon

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Conner Clan said...

Hey, I already tagged you, you can't tag me back! :) ha ha. I can't believe you read the books enedings! You are hilarious! And I feel the same about laundry, it will sit folded forever, and thankfully too, the kids are starting to put their own clothes away. Have a good rest of the weekend! :)