Monday, September 29, 2008

So, How big do diapers come, anyway??!

So, today was P-Day.  Our Grand Finale launch into the diapers BE GONE phase. (if you've read earlier posts, you will know that the potty training has been an ever on-going more misses than hits saga around here...)   We did the pep talk.  We did the fun spiderman undies.  We did the potty practice.  All of the pieces were in place.  The only thing missing was  an actual 'deposit' into the great white potty.  We can do this!!

.... I don't know how he did it.  He managed to pee, in the undies, in between my 30 second intervals of "do you need to go potty?"  "Do you want to do a potty try?"  "Are you still dry?"  

     So, we regrouped, take two.  We can do this.  Just a minor set back. (After all, we've made it through days of 7+ misses, this is nothing!)  We have lots of undies, in multiple super-hero/animal layouts.  For try #2 we opt for the sharks.  So far so good.  We make it through showing number one of the "letter movie."  We even make it through lunch.              We're still pumped, this is going to work!  I come down stairs to change the laundry and check email.  Down walks Ben, big smile... and big wet spot. 

        Minor set back.  We can still do this...! (?)  We will still do this!!  Remember, positive talk - potty training WILL happen today!  Diapers are Done!  Big boy undies are here to stay!  We change, we regroup.  We... only put on the undies this time and skip the pants (he LOVES his clothes, so I pull out this last resort of, "You can put your pants on as soon as you go potty in the toilet" - cruel? Maybe a little, but I am starting to grasp at anything by now).
      We settle down for showing #2 of the "letters movie" (Hey, he's learning his ABC's and even the sounds - I get some points for that, at least!).  I hit the tired wall (you know, that one that kicks in somewhere around mid-afternoon after a series of child-rearing days followed by child-nightmare-consoling nights...).  I doze off for a wee bit, only to be shocked awake by the pungent smell of...
      No, no, no it CAN'T be that.  Please, anything but THAT...  
      "Ben, do you have poops?"  I ask in my trying to be nice and control my last shred of sanity voice.
     "Yep, and pee, too!"  is his ever-jovial answer as he is sitting, playing pirates on the white (newly professionally cleaned) carpet with evidence of said poop EVERYWHERE.

... How big did you say diapers come?!


Jobows said...

JEN!!! I can NOT believe that that happened! I am SO sorry!!! Don't give up.....maybe let Jerry take over for a while!!;) I am sure that you already know how I potty trained Hannah, but I will tell you again just in case! Buy a TON of are going to need them! right after you put on the clean underwear do a "dry check" if they are dry(hopfully they still are) give them a fruit snack or whatever they love. Do the dry check every 10 min. or so and give them their reward. When the do wet there underwear take of ALL of there clothes and have them get in the tub. Turn the water luke warm....kinda cold. Make them wash their own underwear in the running water. Then wash them. While washing them tell them that you have to wash their hair, tummy, legs, bum, ect.... because it has potty in it. Make it a big 10-15 min production. Hannah hated the cold water and having to wash her underwear. It maybe took 4 times. When I potty trained Caleb it took 14 times!!! So it just depends on the child. I hope this helps! May the force be with you!!
Also have you guys decided on the job? Let me know as soon as you do!!!
Love and Miss ya tons!!

4kidsandcrazy said...

Oh I can so feel your pain!!! Boo can at least make it into the bathroom, but as often as not she goes on the floor by the toilet rather than in the toilet. Getting in the tub would not work for her. She begs to take a bath multiple times a day, and could care less if the water is cold or hot.

Besides the don't make it to the toilet issue, the thing that worked the best for her was a chart. When she had 5 princess stickers on the chart (for going poo poo) she got a pair of princess shoes. It finally worked, but it took a while.
Good luck to you!!!

Josh and Dana Carpenter said...

Hang in there. I don't have any advice for you, I am horrible at potty training. I dread the fact I will start with my two year old in a little while.

Beauty and the Jogus said...