Tuesday, September 9, 2008

WARNING: (especially for Michelle!)... HIT MUTE NOW!

... If you are part of the 'must not play Christmas Music until Christmas Eve' club, then you may want to just hit auto mute from now on for this blog.  I'm sorry, but I can't hold off any longer, the christmas music HAS to come out!!  
... In my defense, this is the longest I have waited to start with the Christmas music for many years - I consider it somewhat of an achievement in Christmas-music self mastery :).
... Also in my defense, here is my argument for the early-playing of Christmas music:  There are SO MANY incredibly Christmas songs out there, and we only relegate them to ONE month per year?!  Those poor cd's get very lonely sitting in the cold, hard, dark place that is the cd storage unit so I think it's only fair that they get their fair share of play time.
    So there, enough said.  Let the seasonal music begin!!!


Todd said...

Jen, I started playing Christmas music last month. :)

Chel said...

Oh Jen, Jen, Jen...I really don't want to avoid your blog until Dec. 1st but you leave me no choice :) JK...I did see there are Christmas countdown clocks you can add to your blog, if you search in 'add a gadget'...I thought of you when I saw them! Let the Christmas music begin, but as for me and my house it will be the weekend after Turkey Day...;)

Trisha said...

Listening to this music definitely reminded me of living at the RIV...September was definitely the month for the music to start!