Friday, September 19, 2008

Recipe Ideas, anyone??

    ... Did you know that next week is "America on the Move" week (which, interestingly the networks have counteracted with their self declared "stay-at-home" week for the season premiers of their shows... trying.... to.... stay....

    But I digress...  So I am doing some nutrition seminars in the community for the America On the Move, and I feel like I am out of fresh, fun ideas to have as samples for the people to eat.  Do any of you have any fun (somewhat healthy...), and relatively simple recipes that you like?  The topics of the seminars are:  
1.  Hurry up and Healthify - this is how to make quick, easy changes that increase the health of the family.  Any quick snack ideas or recipes that you have?
2.  Basic Body Ingredients - talking about the 6 ingredients your body has to have each day - just a basic healthy eating guide.  I am completely out of ideas for snacks for this one
3.  Feeding your family, from tots to teens - how to help kids of all ages learn healthy eating habits.  Any 'age-category' recipes that you can think of?

  We have done a bunch of things in the past, including:  pita pizzas, pumpkin muffins, fruit platters with fruit dip, bean bread (you can't taste the beans, I promise!!  I usually don't give this recipe out until AFTER they have tried it!!), stromboli (a heidi special - thanks Heidi - I bet you didn't know your special 'meat and french bread roll' was getting passed around the midwest, did you??!), etc. 
   As I have been looking through all of the different recipes that I have on file for this next week, I am....mmm.... bored with all of the prospects.  Any ideas out there??


4kidsandcrazy said...

Hey, what a fun blog! I just started making a snack that my family loves. I take a can of beans I like pinto best, but any kind will work, pour them in the blender add about 3/4 cup of salsa and about a cup to 1 and a 1/2 cups shredded cheese. Blend it up and then heat until cheese melts. We serve with chips, but Mr T likes it so much he eats it with a spoon :)

Brewer Bunch said...

Heather -
Thanks for that recipe - we are going to try it tonight! I think that would be perfect sample to give out at one of the seminars - wahoo!!

Steph said...

Jen! I had the greatest breakfast meal while in Germany and it is healthy too. My family eats it a lot. It's doesn't sound so good but really it is great! My mom calls it Berca (sp?) Muesli. Check out this recipe I found on the internet. My mom's is just in her head but this is pretty close to what she does. Granola and honey on top is also good too. I know, honey? Don't knock it till you try it. Also, I don't particularly like the shredded apple in it but you might. Ok, this is long sorry. Good luck!

Conner Clan said...

I never feel qualified giving you recipe ideas, and I'm sure you already have these or have done these, but it's worth a shot! :)
fruit smoothies make a great filling after school snack. I always use yogurt, fruit, ice, milk and splenda. very yummy. We also like to make granola and sprinkle it on yogurt or fruit, and it's less fattening than store bought granola. I bake chicken strips, but instead of using regular bread crumbs or flour, I use Planko bread crumbs, they make it more crispy even though it's baked! I got that book "deceptively delicious", I'm sure you've heard about it, where you blend up veggies to add to regular food, so your kids won't know. They have some really good ones, like brownies with spinach, and you can not taste the spinach, also there's one for chicken strips with broccoli, and again, my kids ate them up. If you want any of those I'll email them to you. I hope some of that helped, probably not, but thought I'd give it a shot! :) Have a good week! Miss you.

Dad Howe said...

OK, now listen up for a really great recipe.
You start with 6 cups of lard, then you add 1 cup of salt, a few eggs, and then add 2 16 ounce bags of chocolate chips, and then a pound of sugar, and and...a quart of heavy cream and, and, 2 pounds of butter and..... you really didn't want this recipe did you?