Thursday, September 11, 2008

The quote of the week...

Here is how the conversation went down:
Jerry:  "Seth, how was your first week of school?"
Seth:  "It was fun.  I have a girlfriend in my class!!"
Jerry (after he and I exchanged completely shocked looks):  "Oh, really?  What's her name?"
Seth:  "I don't know"
Jerry:  "Well, have you talked to her?"
Seth:  "Nope, she sits clear across the room from me.  But she is SO cool.  Like a Rock Star!!"

Yep, that's our little charmer.  Loving adoration from afar.  I tell you what, if this is the type of girlfriends we deal with (the kind that you don't know their name and with whom you never actually speak...), I'm okay with that!!

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Beauty and the Jogus said...

Hurray for Seth and the rock star.