Friday, January 28, 2011

The Party's over...

my personal pity party, that is.
I'm done.
It takes too much effort to be depressed, and I'm just too lazy to go on any longer.

So today starts operation:  GUT THE HOUSE!!
(It always sounds better with a fun title)

-- Clear out Pantry
-- Weed out office
-- Transform basement library/storage/'just put the box here until we find something to do with it' room that now houses all of our 'junk' that we haven't found use for yet (seriously, if we haven't used it in almost a year... I think the next stop for it is Goodwill!), and turn it into the craft/sewing nook (maybe I will actually unpack my sewing machine that I got brand new last January... that has yet to see the light of day!)
-- Organize Storage room and make it into a real live food storage room (so my 36 boxes of brownies are not scattered hap-hazardly around the room.  and yes, there are 36 boxes of brownies.  We will not be wanting for chocolate in the famine, that's for sure!)
-- Find a home for everything, complete with labels and everything
-- Clear out a 'prepare for Education Week' nook to prepare my nine presentations for BYU-I education week.

Wish me luck.
If you don't hear back from me, you will find me buried somewhere in the catacombs of clutter.


Tauna said...

Go Jen!!! You can do it. This inspired me...maybe I will clean the playroom today or maybe something that will stay clean.

Fulkerson Clan said...

good luck jen! take that momentum and go! and are you really presenting at byu education week? i would love to go to one of your presentations! it would be awesome to see you in action :)