Friday, January 28, 2011

Gutter's log: Day One

Operation Gut the House is well underway.

Kitchen- DONE!!

Remember this?

Well, I finally found my counter!!

In fact, I discovered a whole new kitchen underneath all the clutter!

Even my pantry helps me breath a sigh of contentment.
(I had to take the picture quick, because there's no telling what all of these areas will look like tomorrow!)

I was so proud that I made my poor 8 year old open every cupboard to show her how organized everything is.  (after about the 4th one, her 'oohs and ahhs were a bit forced, but she patiently indulged me the whole tour :)  ).

Now to go find out if my kids have starved to death yet...


Deanna said...

Way to go!!! I'm in the process of working on all this as well. So much to do !

Lisa said...

So, in response to your last few posts, at least you're making time to declutter, and to blog about it. See how long it took me to even look at your blog? That's how behind I am with . . . everything.

Shan said...

Looks fantastic!! Please send some de-cluttering energy and magic this way. I'm sorry you've had the blues. I hope your day felt a little better today. I would love to hear about your BYU-Idaho news.

angela said...

I just found this post... congratulations on that absolutely stunning counter. If you are still on a decluttering kick, give me a call. I get evil pleasure from sorting through and throwing out other people's junk!