Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Seeing R.E.D.

Since our kids daily scripture reading is a wee bit shy of stellar (read:  nonexistent!), I decided to blatantly copy an idea from one of the primaries that we visited in the stake:

We are officially declaring February our R.E.D.  Scripture Month:

We had our kickoff during family home evening last night, complete with letting the kids choose the reward at the end of the month if everyone gets all of their days filled in.

(They chose Chuck-E-Cheese... .sigh... I knew when it opened here last month that it was only a matter of time before they wore us down enough to get us there...)

We even had some red(ish) treats to help usher in our Fabulous February

Okay, so these weren't quite as elaborate as our last years Valentine's Day treat...

but c'mon, those things took forever... and then they were gone in 2 minutes flat!  At least with rice krispie treats, the proportion of making to eating is a bit more homogenous :)

Here's to a Fabulous February (and GOODBYE January!!!)

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Walt and Eileen said...

Great R.E.D. goal for the heart month of February.
Ohhh, but I've been wanting to make some Valentine cookies.
Love, Mom & Dad