Thursday, January 6, 2011

My kitchen counter...

pretty much describes my life right now...
everything kind of crazy
mixed up
and all meshed together
a bunch of things, all having relevance and a place to be,
but nothing actually in it's place, and creating general
havoc in life.

And so goes my life lately...
everything kind of crazy
mixed up
and all meshed together
I have a bunch of things on my plate, and everything that I have chosen to include in my life right now has direct relevance,
but I can't seem to find a specific place in time to accomplish everything I would like in an orderly manner,
and it's creating general havoc in my world.
... and I only seem to be moving at half speed to get it all in order.

It could be that I am still trying to re-enter real life after living in our car throughout the whole holiday season

and criss crossing the country to surprise various relatives

and having not one,

but two Christmases :)

 (at least a few of us got in some naps along the way...)
 and teaching not 2,

but four kiddos how to ski
(... which could not have been even half accomplished without the HUGE help of the Fisher Clan...  Again, THANK YOU so much for giving up your ski days to help our kiddos
climb out of tree banks,
stop tormenting each other on the lift,
re-snapping their ski boots after each fall
picking up the face-planted bodies
and generally taking on the monumental task of introducing a bunch of newbies to the ski hill!)

Having a ton of fun on the sledding hill
(and bribing Joshy into leaving early with me, even after his much protesting "I JUST WANT TO GO SLEDDING!")

 and then spending way...


 WAY too many hours in the car on the way home...

Don't get me wrong, the trip was amazing - and SO worth it!!

I'm just having a few re-entry issues...

 at least that's what I'm blaming it on this week.

or maybe I can eek that excuse out for the rest of the month...


Walt and Eileen said...

Seems like a good excuse for all of 2011~!
Love, Mom - IDAHO

Robin Conner said...

Cute pics! What a fun trip, but I bet you're so glad to get home to your own bed and home! ;)