Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Easiest Halloween treats EVER!!

Thanks to yet another friend's creative talents (that's YOU, Val!!), I learned yet another fun and SUPER easy craft that is perfect for any age... so if your kids have an attention span like mine (anywhere from .5-3.0 seconds...), this treat is for you :)

This one was making spiders out of oreos, and ghosts out of nutter butters...
fun, easy, fast. My kind of craft!

To do the ghosties.... melt white chocolate chips, and dip nutter butter cookies in it, then put on some cinnamon dots for eyes. Seriously, that's IT!!

For spider-o's: open the oreo cookie, break apart some pull apart twizzlers (I couldn't find any brown or black twizzlers, so our legs are a little 'bloody'), place in the middle. Replace top of oreo. Again, that's IT. Done in 2 minutes flat!!


Walt and Eileen said...

Fast/fun crafts...you take after your Mom!
Love your blogface or whatever the border is called.
Love, Mom...
P.S. Jen, be happy you're city is the hightest temp of any of your sibs' towns today.

Walt and Eileen said...

P.P.S. that's "your city"
...however, today we'll be 81, tomorrow 88, and Friday 94.
If I knew how, I'd send you some of our sunny heat and take some of your frigid cold away.
Maybe our worlds can have perfect temps everywhere...ojala!