Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Happiness!!

I love this time of year - the holiday spirit starts kicking in, and the fun times roll!!

I especially love doing it with kids...
I finally learned to let go of my 'slightly-over-controlling-make-it-picture-perfect-at-all-costs'
crafting self, and now have more fun seeing what the kids come up with in their own great creations. This week's picks were cookie baking/decorating and spider making.
I forgot how all-encompassing sugar cookie baking can be, especially when you add 4 oh-so-helpful kiddos to the mix :). Needless to say, our kitchen ended up very 'flour-full' ;)... and dinner ended up being cereal and toast :), but it was well worth it!!

Sarah's creation (she seriously placed each individual piece of decoration... including cutting each of the color sections of the candy corn to increase the artistic content...)

Sarah takes her creating VERY seriously (yes, tears were shed when Joshy got a hold of one of the 'prized' cookies...)

My little helping hands in the baking process...

Joshy getting in on the action... he couldn't quite figure out how everyone was getting their candy corns to stick to the cookies, and rather than use the 'frosting glue', he instead tried to just dig the candy corns right into the cookie :)

Another of Sarah's creations

Seth thinking 'outside' the shape, and turning his ghost into a pumpkin smile...

Ben's whole goal was pretty much to stack as much frosting and candy as possible right in the middle of his cookie :)


Walt and Eileen said...

What great creations! As in both the cookies and the children!
Remember, Jen, when you're pregnant is a time when you can sit perfectly quiet and still be creating something.
Love, Grama 'n Grampa Mission - Argentina

Julie said...

Making sugar cookies is one of my favorite Halloween things to do! I think we might have to try another batch today - John is working his 2nd job again tonight - so another looooong day!

Angela said...

Jen, you are so brave!! I do that for Christmas but Halloween and only 2 weeks to go on the pregnancy? Wow!! You REALLY are the SUPERWOMAN that I knew in college. I love and miss ya, girl!! Good luck in the weeks to come!