Friday, October 23, 2009

Spiders, and pumpkins, and patches... OH MY!!!

We did our annual trip to the pumpkin patch - on one of the only sunny days we have had this fall. The kids loved the corn-bale maze, and loved picking their pumpkins out :)

Once Joshy got into the maze, he found his nervona, and spent the whole time
with this huge smile on his face.

The typical pumpkin poses :)

After the pumpkin patch, it was on to 'spider building'
(idea was blatantly stolen from creative guru, Jolene!!)

I finally captured Joshy's 'surprise' face as he was observing the spider making activity. He was excited and mesmerized by them, but stopped just short of actually touching them... :)

One of Sarah's varieties

Ben's four eyed spidy friend

Seth got a bit creative, and decided to make all of his legs different lengths
(and once again, mom took deep breaths and reminded myself that this was THEIR project, and didn't have to be completely anatomically perfect :) ).

Let the Fall Festivities roll...
and let the new little one roll on in to take part in some of it!!


Cynthia said...

Super cute spiders! My kids would love those! Do you mind posting a quick explanation of how to make them? Are those pipe cleaners or shoe laces? Or neither? :)

I am constantly amazed at how much energy you have to do fun things with your kids, esp. since you are pregnant!! Good job!

Shan said...

What fun fall activities you guys have been doing! The kids look like they've loved it and decorating cookies! Yum! I love Joshy's face with the spiders, too.

Jogusboy said...

so much fun!

Brewer Bunch said...

Hey Cynthia -
They are so easy to do!! The bodies are black pom-poms, the legs are pipe cleaners (I found some straight and some that had big and small spaces on them - fun for some texture to the legs). The kids just glued everything together, and then glued some eyes on them. I cut some of the pipe cleaners to make a small loop to glue on the head, and then we can hang them from the ceiling (haven't gotten that far yet... ).
I found everything at a craft store - very cheap, easy , and fast... my kind of kids activity :)

Walt and Eileen said...

Fun to see your punkins in the pumpkin patch having such fun! And then creating such scary spiders!!
They look like they're growing so fast while we're gone.
And I see only 9 days left on your baby countdown. I'm very sad this will be your first baby I won't be there to help you with.
Love, Mom & Dad/Grama 'n Grampa Mission - Argentina

P.S. So William will be almost 1 and 1/2 half years olf before we see him, and yours and Jerry's; and Bri 'n Michelle's baby will be 5 months old before we see them.
It seems loooong, but we know it will zoom by.

Robin Conner said...

Loved the pumpkin patch pics. Super cute. And the spiders were awesome! I just might steal that one too! ;) We've yet to go to the patch or carve cause we've been so stinkin' sick forever, but hopefully this week, we can get that all done! ;) I can't belive it already snowed! Holy Cow it's starting early! Do you have your christmas music blaring? ;)