Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Trick-or-Treating, Minnesota style... you have to learn how to either layer under the costume, or accept the fact that you will be wearing a coat over the costume...

... Yes, Joshy was dressed up - just under all of the layers. It didn't take him long to figure out that he got CANDY from EVERY house we approached -
he was soon sprinting right along after the other kiddos :).

Seth as the Ninja... posing on our neighbors HUGE pumpkin yard (he grows them every year, and then puts them out every October - Our own neighborhood pumpkin patch - love it!!)

Sarah practicing her 'wizarding' spells

Ben also did the wizard theme this year,
though his wand was quickly given up to make room for the trick-or-treat bag.

At one of the houses - with four family units, we were quite the 'trick-or-treating' force!

Some of the gang in front of the big pumpkins
The kids always have a blast trick-or-treating with their good friends,
the Jacksons, Reeds, and Childs

Two out of the three preggo-amigos.
Since this is the first (and most likely ONLY) Halloween that the three of us would be pregnant on the big day, we did some last minute preggo-costume making... and then not even 24 hours after the big idea, Jolene went and foiled the plan by actually DELIVERING her baby (right ON Halloween!... 2 weeks early for her... all the while our little one is still nice and cozy... but I'm NOT bitter in the LEAST!! Really, I'm HAPPY for you Jolene... not...the...least...bit...JEALOUS!! - okay, maybe a wee bit jealous...)
(and yes, cute Marissa really IS, pregnant, she just never shows at all- just stays as cute as ever! Again... not... jealous... in...the...least!!)


Hanne said...

Marissa is pregnant? No way! I saw her last week and she had NO belly!
Love your shirts by the way!!
Kinda upset your baby girl did not listen to me when I said the 30th, but oh well:)Good luck when the time comes - which I am sure will be sooner rather than later. How come that last month has to seem like a year?
Hoping NOT to see you tomorrow:)

Walt and Eileen said...

Fun costumes! And missy, you look pretty slender yourself! Even at 8 months 29 days along! We're glad your baby girl waited till November...we don't have many family birthdays in November. But it would be nice for you to deliver on our due date...Nov. 3!

Looks like kids have fun on Halloween no matter what the weather.
Love, Mom & Dad/Grama 'n Grampa Mission - Argentina

Walt and Eileen said...

P.S. Correction....that's YOUR due date. As Grama Jane always said: "I know why the Lord made mothers young." I didn't get it when you seven were little.
Now as I watch all of you busily taking care of your little ones, now I get it.
Love, Mom - Buenos Aires...7000 miles too far to come help you this time, and I'm having pangs at not being able to come be with you to help.

Robin Conner said...

Loved the pics! Those shirts were awesome!!! The cutest idea ever! You look soooo good Jen! I'm so glad you took pictures. Love the hair too! Super cute! I can't believe you'll have a baby girl any day now! Good luck and she'll probably be out this week! I'm so excited for you!!!! Keep us posted!

Shan said...

Wow, what cute skeleton baby shirts you made. You do look so good. The kids looked like they were having a fun night of trick or treating with their friends.