Tuesday, June 2, 2009

To Do List for the Day...

  • Save the family...
(So we made the brave launch into operation:  Food Storage!!  I have been canning, bread making, wheat gathering, but I now have the hubby on board (we no longer have to have the discussion, "food storage vs. dermatology books... simply because I think he finally bought out the dermatology world library!!)  and we are launching a full scale attack on the challenge feeding our family for a year... and can I just say I LOVE Aldi's??!!!  The best place in the world to stock up on canned goods, without breaking the budget :)

  • Save the world...
... have you jumped on the environment band wagon yet??  Well, here in rochester it is all the rage.  I admit, I have been dragging my feet a bit, well, except for when I have been forced to comply (they seriously have a place where you have to literally drive your lawn clippings/leaves and even broken electronics to in order to get rid of them.  The garbage man will literally take it out of your garbage can if you try to 'sneak' it by... not that I have tried that or anything...)  ... every house has a FULL sized recycle garbage can, and a recycle truck that comes by every 2 weeks - how sweet is that?!  And, these new 'grocery bags' are now becoming the norm in grocery stores (i.e. the people bring them in with them, and then the baggers put the groceries in here instead of in plastic bags).  
... so I have been carrying a bunch of these 'environmental' bags in the back of the van for MONTHS, but have not ever gotten them out to actually take into the store... until today.  In conjunction with my whole food storage storm, I decided to take the big leap and join the 'granola grocery bag group' and take mine in.  (okay, so it was at Aldis, and they don't provide you with free plastic grocery bags so it's either bring your own or carry each individual can out to the car on your own... not that that was added incentive for me or anything like that...)
... I have to say, it felt so good to be doing something for the environment, however small it may be :).  
  • Raise the next superhero...
... for those of you who followed Ben through his superman cape phase... we are now onto a new phase - BATMAN!!  He has already declared that he will be batman for Halloween, and is getting in plenty of practice toting the mask and cape EVERYWHERE (we did, however draw the line at church... the mask had to wait in the car while we went in... and then it got right back on his face when we were done :)  ).

  • Make dinner
  • Do laundry
  • Go to bed
... all in a days work :)

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Walt & Eileen Petersen said...

Go Batman.......
"To Do List"...when you come to the end of a Perfect Day.
Love, Mom & Dad Mission