Friday, June 5, 2009

Our New Addiction

We introduced the kids to Uno on Sunday, and they have been obsessed ever since!  (as in staying up WAY past bedtime to play "just one more round!").  Sarah came in on Monday morning when we were looking at the FHE assignments for that night and when she realized that she was in charge of activity, said, "Hey, I know the PERFECT activity for tonight... UNO!"         Ben coupled with daddy a few times, then went on his own... and won!  Even Joshy gets into it by slapping the table and yelling "UNO!!"  when he hears someone else yell it.  
      So, watch out, all of you WEPR people... we may just have a new tournament cooking up for the reunion!


Julie said...

We'll have to try it with our family. Our current favorite card game is wig out. It's a good one!

Jogusboy said...

Fun! I love Uno. When your kids get older you should try Blokus, an awesome family strategy game. It's our game addiction.

PS- I love how Joshy participates.

LOL :)