Sunday, June 21, 2009

To my Dad...

I love you and I miss you on this Father's Day.  

I couldn't find a picture together, so I put this one of you with Sarah... (and it was depressing how far back I had to go back to find this picture!  It's been WAY too long since we have seen you).

What can I say?  
You taught me how to live by your word, but more by your example.
You taught be how to hoe beets, by telling me how, and then  physically being there beside me. (...okay, the promise of cinnamon rolls at Prices didn't hurt, either!!)
You taught me your testimony by sharing it in church, and by living it in our home.
You taught me how to work, by telling me to do my chores, and by being outside working with us.  (after you flipped on the light, tore the covers off, and belted out the Cougar fight song...)
You taught me how to love, by saying that you loved me, and then showing me that you loved me.

I could go on... but I'm afraid my tears will ruin the keyboard... I miss you so much, and will never forget the lessons I learned from you (and continue to learn from you).  

I love you


Walt & Eileen Petersen said...

To my eeny, weeny, teensy, weensy baby daughter. Thank you, Jen. I miss you, too.
Love, Dad

Jogusboy said...

How sweet! He's a great grandpa!

Robin Conner said...

That was so sweet Jen!