Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just how smart is Jesus?

This was part of our dinner conversation tonight...

Sarah (in a bit of awe), "Mom, how did Jesus think of all of the names to name everything?"

Me, "I don't know, honey - he must be really smart."

Sarah, "Yea, He's smarter than EVERYONE.  Even moms and dads!"

Seth, "yea, He's so smart, he can tell what time it is right when he looks at the clock.  He just looks, and bluup, he knows what the time is!"  

(Part of Seth's homework today was telling the time in various clock positions...)


Robin Conner said...

lol! Love it!

Jogusboy said...

Laughing right now. hmmm. Now I'm wondering two things-

1. How smart is Jesus?


2. If he is smart, could he do my homework??!