Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Camping, and Playgrounds, and Zoos... oh My!!

Yep, we jumped on the bandwagon this year and did a little bit-o-camping (with our good friends, the Jacksons!) over Memorial Day weekend...

Jerry flew in from Prague at 3:00, and we were out the door about 4:30, ready to hit the camping site.  Don't ask me how we found a camp spot that late in the day, but sure enough we pulled right up to prime campgroud (i.e. nice and grassy, right by the bathroom, and shady!!).  

Some of the kiddos hangin by the fire, and trying out their new little flashlights... gearing up for some scary stories... (yep, crazy will and the Ox will live long in their memories...)

Jen and Ben - both tuckered out and ready for bed

Ellie feeding some breakfast to Ben

Joshy playing 'ball'... but not quite into the 'sharing' mode yet...

Sarah and Josh hangin out by the fire

Skipping rocks at the river

Daddy 'skipping' Sarah...

Our cute friends, Jeff and Marissa Jackson with their youngest, Caden

Seth took a little rest in the tent, but didn't want to go through the trouble of taking his shoes off...

After Camping, we headed out to a playground (that happened to be RIGHT by the campground - how fun is that??!)

Swings are always a hit with the kiddos :)
Seth mastered the monkey bars :)
Joshy with his own version of the monkey bars

... Then, we headed to the Zoo (also right next to the camp ground!!)

Joshy mesmerized by the eagles

Feeding the animals...

Jocelyn, Caden, Seth, Ben, Sarah, Ellie, and Jeff at the bird exhibit

... all of this in under 24 hours!! How's THAT for a speedy vacation??!


Robin Conner said...

That's my kind of camping! You still have the nature stuff: tent, river, ground, etc.. and then you have a play ground and a zoo? What can get better than that? Fun trip! Thanks for sharing!

Hanne said...

Love it! Was it at Oxbow? We are thinking of "traveling" there sometime this summer. It will take us all of 15 minutes to get there you know:) Far enough away to be gone from home, but close enough that if the weather turns on us we can race home:)

Walt & Eileen Petersen said...

How fun. What a Dad to go camping on jet lag! Photos show what a fun family-time you had at an ideal, too-good-to-be-true campground.
Love, Grampa 'n Grama Mission - Argentina

Brewer Bunch said...

Hanne -
Yes - it was Oxbow - my new favorite campground of all - because of just what you said - 15 minute drive :) Plus, the grassy areas, play grounds, and zoo all wrapped into one :) (oh, and awesome bathrooms! Very clean and nice!). You'll have to make the treck sometime.... that is provided you get your new little one on a great sleep schedule... ;)

Mom and Dad -
This was the same place we went with Seth and Sarah's preschool outing when you were out visiting - they have a campground off the other end of the zoo - it makes for a great little getaway :). And yes, Jerry was not only on jet lag, but recovering from strep throat. When we were going to sleep he calculated the hours and realized that he had been up for the past 42 hours. At least it helped him get a GREAT night sleep that night (unlike the rest of us... ;) ).

Jogusboy said...

Cute pictures! Looked like fun! Love your blog! That's all i have to say!