Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Are we really getting that old??!

... the kids have spirit week this week  - you remember - each day has a funky theme in which the kids get to dress up.  Yesterday was Pajama Day, today is hat day, and tomorrow is... dress like the 80's day... ??  Really - the 80's were SO long ago that it has become a relic??! 

... At first I thought... 'hey, the 80's weren't so crazy - what can I do to come up with costumes?'... and then I started remembering... banana clips... double neon colored layered socks... triple scrunchies in the side ponytail... leg warmers... oh yes - the options are growing by the second... :)

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Jogusboy said...

Woohoo, awesome 80s! Please post pics with them in their costumes!