Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just what I always wanted!!....

Human Bobble-Heads!!

... so seth and ben talked non-stop about wanting "the clone wars mask that changes your voice and everything!!"  whenever the "Santa" list came up, so Christmas morning, sure enough, two clone wars masks were delivered by the Man himself.  When the boys put them on, Jerry and I couldn't stop laughing.  They literally get weighed down and 'bobble' back and forth in real life - it is quite a sight to behold :).

... oh, and the voice changer?  Well, if "scratchy microphone thingy that blocks out anything you say with a big staticky sound" counts, then they did, indeed get a 'voice changer' ;).

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Jogusboy said...

Human Bobbleheads! You've been wanting that for years!! Sorry the voice changer wan't very high quality, there has been some slight dissapiontment when the toys don't work out like in the commercials. Hope you had a merry christmas and a very very happy new year!!