Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How to really bring in the New Year...

...escaping the tundra-land for an indoor 'tropical' vacation!!

Jerry and the kids waiting to 'surf'  Seth opted out of this one, and then Sarah is the only one who wanted to go back for more... mom and dad both gave this one a thumbs up in the fun department, however!!

After Jerry held Ben down, literally kicking and screaming, to go on the 'big' water slide, he couldn't get enough.  I think he went back up at least 8 times in our last little burst of activity before heading home :)

Joshy LOVED the little squirty-things.  He ran to every single one and was never ceased to be amazed by his 'power' to make them stop by covering the spout :).

... in her never-give-up determination, Sarah did the 'leap' pads more times then I can count... and slid off at the exact same moment in every turn.  I don't know if she ever did master that slippery hippo!


Jogusboy said...

So much fun!! No waterparks for us this Winter Break. But lots and lots of fun, though!

Jogusboy said...

ps, joshey's face is classic. it makes me giigle everytime i view.

also, i have a NEW blog titled mushpot of awesomeness. i'd love it if you joined