Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What is there in Heaven, anyway??

Yes, after the age old debate of life after death, and the ins and outs of Heaven, we have come upon the answer:  No time outs and free scooters. 
   We were driving home from the gym and I hear this conversation from the back seat:

Sarah: "Seth, you shouldn't do that, if you do that in Heaven, Jesus will send you to time out!"

Seth: (After thinking on this for a few seconds...), "Naw, they don't have time outs in Heaven."

Sarah: "Yea, you're right, but they do have scooters!"

Seth: "Yes, FREE scooters!"  (they are currently saving money to buy some scooters...) "And I am going to get three of them!!"

Sarah:  "Me, too!"

So there you have it folks.  You can all sleep better tonight knowing what is waiting for us on the other side :).

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Deanna said...

So, so glad you started a blog!! yay! Congrats on being in your LAST year! Wow. I can definitely sympathize with the whole real life decision making. At this point, the thought of anywhere permanent just sounds terrifying to me! Keep up the great posts - I love reading your stories because I can just envision being there talking with you!

Miss you guys!