Sunday, July 20, 2008

Highway to the Dangerzone!!

    Yes, this lovely Sabbath morning brought with it blue skies (which after tornado warnings and torrential rains, was a welcome change!), chirping birds... and the good 'ole Top Gun soundtrack blaring from the front room. 
     Let me explain - the kids in this family have daily races with the sun to greet the morning, which usually means I am literally getting my eyelids pried open (I am NOT exaggerating that point!) with a request for breakfast.  In an effort to save my eyeballs from complete blindness, I have since trained the kids to find things to keep them busy until the remaining 98% of humans decide that morning has indeed come.  They usually go downstairs and play, or turn on pbs, or occasionally dig out some cds and do their interpretation of daddy playing guitar 
    Okay, so this morning as I am trying desperately to get my last few minutes of s
leep before I greet day #10 flying solo in parenting duty while Jerry is out of town, I am suddenly jolted awake by the song "Highway to the Dangerzone, bom bom bom bom bom bom bom (you get the point!)"  This was followed by "Playing with the boys"  
    Being raised in the era of Top Gun, and a self declared HUGE fan of the movie when I was younger (I can still belt a WAY off tune version of "You never close your eyes anymore..."  but I digress....), in my fog of trying desperately to fight off the brutality of morning, I was instantly teleported back to the days of fast flying jets and shirtless volleyball playing...  
     So, how lovely was your Morning??!

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Conner Clan said...

Loved it! But hey, that's a nice image to be "up-rooted" from your precious slumber by! :) Hang in there! Sometimes I think it's almost easier to go solo, you don't have to "negotiate" discipline! :) Love and miss you!