Thursday, July 31, 2008


So my dear friend and neighbor sat with me in my 'zombie' mode after my crazy day and heard the rant of everything that had happened.  The next day, there was a knock at the door and her son was holding this bottle and note in his hand (along with some home-made blueberry muffins - Yummy!!).  Who knew such a small bottle could mean so much!!  Thank you so much, Kathleen - have I mentioned to you that you have single-handedly kept my last shroud of sanity in tact many times over this past week??!  

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Conner Clan said...

Oh my goodness Jen! What a day you had! You poor thing. You need a mommy day out without kids, hubby, cooking, cleaning etc.. But, like that ever happens right? You're amazing! I love reading your posts, they are clever and you need to think about becoming an author! You're really good at writing! Hang in there darlin! You are doing a really good job! Love you! p.s. you're really scaring me with what I have to look forward to with having 4! :)