Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm All Thought Out On Food For Thought!

     So, I have my monthly radio show coming up this Monday - the only problem is, I am completely VOID of any ideas for this month!!  I have been trying to think about different areas to cover, but after almost a year of doing the show, all of my 'stand by' ideas have already been used... HELP!!  What is a food or nutrition question/topic/discussion you would like to hear about?  
     So far we have discussed:  all things squash (that was the radio show hosts pick - being someone who isn't a big fan of squash, that one was a struggle for me to get through... how can you pretend to like something that in reality makes your gag reflexes kick in??!), how to pick out fruits and vegetables, healthy eating in a hurry, healthy for the holidays, body basics (the 6 body ingredients you must have every day), food chemistry, cooking on a budget, healthy summer recipes...  that's all I can remember right now. 
     I know you have all been stewing over all things food and nutrition ;), so let me know what your burning questions are, and what you would like to hear discussed on the radio...  Pretty Please... with cream and sugar on top.... (okay, make that fat-free non-dairy whipped topping, and splenda on top :)   ).   


Conner Clan said...

So Jen, I'm your sister-in-law and I didn't even know you did a radio show and you've been doing it for almost a year? Wow, I feel really bad for not being as "in-tune" as I should be to your life. I'll be better. :)
There is an article in the Ensign this month about nutrition and it has a few sections focusing on some different ideas. Maybe you could focus on foods that boost immunity and cancer fighting foods, etc... maybe focus this time on "power foods". Any way, just an idea! :) Love and miss you, and you better email me some time and fill me in on this radio show thing. Can I listen to it here? Chat later girly!

John & Julie said...

John recently found an article that talks about how God has helped us by making some foods actually look like the body parts they help. For instance - if you slice a carrot - it looks like eyeballs with the irises and everything. I will try to find it and send it to you but if I can't find it, he sent it to Nat and she might still have it saved. Good luck!

Scott, Heidi and clan said...

word of wisdom- moderation maybe?