Monday, July 7, 2008

Our Golden Sunday

       So I decided to have a 'golden' Sunday yesterday.  You know, the days when all hair is combed, all Sunday clothes are neatly pressed, all kids are angels who sit quietly in church and come home to peacefully read scriptures, write to the missionaries, etc for the rest of the day... okay, so not quite THAT golden... but I did want to have a day that I would actually plan a Sunday activity so I wasn't having to constantly say, "no, we don't do that on Sunday... no, we don't do that on Sunday... no, we don't... " you get the general idea.  
      We made a special trip to the store on Saturday, while happily singing, "Saturday is a special day..." (okay, so it wasn't quite that picturesque - in fact the minute we entered the store I vividly recalled why I love Hobby Lobby when I'm ALONE, and why I hate it when I have a cart load of kids.  Who knew you could fit so many very breakable glass pieces into one store??!), and bought some flannel to make a flannel board - oh yes, we did the time warp back to the good 'ole primary days of flannel board stories.
       As I drifted off to sleep on Saturday, here is what I envisioned would be our golden Sunday:  all four kids (yes, even the 11 month old would be ultra intrigued by this 
enough to sit and listen!) sitting in a perfect semi circle around our cutsie hand-made flannel board while we told stories with our flannel pictures, complete with all of the kids adding in their own vast knowledge of each and every scripture story, all while having heavenly angels sing in the background.
       Here is what actually unfolded on our "Golden" Sunday:
Benjamin, overtired from our big party weekend of fireworks, thought the big flannel piece looked very cozy and insisted that he use it to snuggle in while being held by me and doing kung fu moves on 11 month old Joshua, who decided that this was the perfect time for an afternoon nursing snack.  
       We finally got Ben talked into a different blanket, found some holders to pin up the piece of flannel (not nearly as cutsie as I had pictured, but they got the job done!), and got out the flannel pieces.  I sat with Ben and Josh while Seth and Sarah sorted out the flannel pieces... and then I drifted off a little bit.  I woke up to Seth's 'mean guy' voice as he was role playing with some of the characters:
 "Hey, Jesus, where are all the women?"  "I don't know, why don't you ask the mean guy with the knife?"  "Hey, mean guy with the knife, where are all of the women"  "I don't know, I'm looking for them so I can kill them..."
     As I'm thinking, "now, in what book is this bible story found??!" and intending to get up and help 'direct' the play a wee bit, I drift off to sleep again (okay, so Benjamin wasn't the only one who was overtired and a wee bit grouchy :), and wake up to find
 that the twins have made a little variation on the flannel board activity: 
   (They had turned it in to the  'fishing game' with one person hooking up flannel pieces as the 'prize' for the fisher).  
    Okay, so it wasn't the 'ensign' story of "how I made our Sunday Celestial"  But I do have to hand it to them, that was pretty creative, and I got a nap in (with no broken cameras... see "no new pictures post...) - which, in the end my friends, is in fact a Golden Sunday!


mnjacksons said...

that is a great story Jen. Hope you are having a great summer. we miss you ya

Conner Clan said...

I'm still laughing. You are a great story teller! You're a better mom than me. It's all I can do to just keep the t.v. off before church, but after church,...well we're still working on that. Very hard. Any way, I'm thinking about ya, hope you're surviving the summer. Miss you and wish we were closer. Chat soon!