Saturday, June 7, 2008

Summer fun!

    The kids had their last official day of school this week.  I can't believe they will be first graderjs in the fall.  I am a little panicked(sp?) about the fact that they will be gone ALL day every day.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  They still seem so little to me - I'm not ready to release them into the big bad world that is the elementary school!  At least we have the summer to have our full days together (I may just be ready for a 9-3 break by the time fall rolls around!).   
    The big accomplishment in the household in the past little while is the twins mastering the art of the 2-wheel bike (sans the training wheels!!).   You know the commercials where the parent is holding onto the seat, runs down the sidewalk, lets go, and the child miraculously gets the balance groove and rides off into the sunset, with sentimental music playing and heavenly angels singing.... well, scratch that.  Nope.  No music. No letting go of the bike.  Here's how it went down at our place:  Dad:  Studying for boards.  Mom:  mowing lawn.  Baby:  crying in stroller.  Mom senses motion behind her on sidewalk, turns to see both kids riding along on the sidewalk, no wobble, no worry, no training wheels.  Simply riding as if they were born doing it.  Yep - let's hear it for the hallmark household!  (I made myself feel better by saying, "Hey, I'm teaching them independence!).  I did manage to grab the camcorder and capture a few moments for all of posterity, however - do I get at least a few points for that?!

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