Sunday, June 29, 2008

Random Pictures

They had these chairs everywhere in my parents
Mission in Mexico (where I finished my mission), 
and I wanted to come back some day with my 
husband. On our honeymoon, the tour van stopped 
and one of  the little cities with these chairs and 
we hopped out to snap a picture :)

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Eileen said...

What a great blog! Text and photos so fun!
Here's another Mom poster from your childhood "Working will win when wishing won't," or as Gary has added: "Working will win when wishy washing wishing won't."

"The two main things you give your kids--one is roots, the other is wings." Ane then we add for our core: "one is roots in the gospel, the other is wings for eternity."

Love, Mom / Grama Petersen - Burley, Idaho