Monday, June 30, 2008

The Graduation/"Jerry Brewer" show

    Okay, so Jerry will be mortified to read this (sorry honey, but I have to claim wife's bragging rights...), but he is so deep in board study-mode, I don't think he'll come up for air anytime soon, so I think I'm safe :)
    So, Jerry had graduation a few weeks back.  It was kind of weird, because since we still have a year of fellowship left, it didn't really feel like anything was coming to a grand, harmonious close.  I kept forgetting that he was actually done with the 'residency' part of this whole crazy medical training alternate universe that has been our life for the past umpteenth years...   
    I asked him if we should have family come out for the dinner/program to help celebrate this milestone in his life, and he said that it was no big deal, that it wasn't anything to get too excited over.  So I didn't think anything more on it.  
   Fast forward to the pre-program dinner;  I casually pick up the program to see what the schedule for the awards ceremony will be.  I look at the program schedule, and look over at Jerry and say, "So, honey, you do realize that this is basically the "Jerry Brewer Show" don't you??!"  To which he gave me his sheepish smile and replies, "No, it's not, honey".  But, sure enough, out of 4 awards given through the night, he received three of them, then he gave a speech to honor one of their preceptors.  He went up to the front so much that people started laughing when he would sit down, and then have to get right back up again.  
    So, sorry to family - I had no idea it would be such a big ordeal, or I would have had you come out to join in the Jerry-Love fest!   I don't even have any pictures to post from it (see the "No New Pictures" post for an explanation of that fact!!), you'll just have to use your imagination of Jerry holding frame after frame of different awards, and smiling a little more sheepishly in each one...

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Cami said...

So there IS an end to all of this medical school maddness!!!!! We are still in the middle so it's hard to imagine, "the end." Marc just finished the boards, part 2. We have one more year of school left so we are in the process of applying to residency programs. Since Marc is in the military (Navy) we are trying to get a residency with them first and our options are: San Deigo, Virgina, or DC. We will know by November and if that doesn't work out, well, we are still looking for residency spots. Marc wants to be a spinal surgeon (Orthopedics) and is doing his best to get into that.

Now to comment on Jerry's graduation...Marc would say the same thing! In fact, Marc would rather skip graduation - he doesn't like all that lime-light (does that surprise you? It surprises me!). Tell Jerry congrats on his success - I'm really happy that this ordeal, I mean med school (and so forth) is almost over for you guys! Are you still sane? PLEASE, tell me how you have endured (with 4 kids)because my endurance is running out and we only have a few more bazillion years to go! Also, did you have any kids during the beginning of Jerry's residency? I want to have one more in a few years (which puts us at the beginning of residency) and I'm not sure I want to do that to myself. Also, I don't want to wait too long because I am so ready for this diaper thing to be over!!!!! (Okay, I can sortof feel your pain with twins since my boys are 17 months apart. It's not easy, however, they sure have fun together. Anyway, just laugh at me because I'm sure raising four kids (two of them twins) DURING med school has been "fun.")