Friday, December 3, 2010

The Law of Natural Consequences...

... are beautiful when it helps to teach the children a lesson...

... like this morning, for instance, when I sent the boys up to shower
     (after Seth whined about having to take once, since 'we took one yesterday!')
... and they asked if they could take a tubo tub
... and I relented (something I would live to regret)
... and as I sat emailing friends trying to work out a babysitting swap to volunteer in the kids classrooms
     (see?!  that's what I get for trying to volunteer!)
... Sarah brought down Elizabeth, who was sopping from head to toe in her pj's after just walking by the bathroom
... apparently from the 'tidal wave' that was coming from the bathtub of the boys...
... and I walked up to find not simply a turbo tub... but a whole bathroom sized swimming pool
   (are you feeling a little de ja vou-ish about now... wasn't my last post about something to do with waters and bathrooms??!!)

... instead of ranting and raving, this time I simply had the boys get towels and clean up their own mess, every nook and cranny of their mess
    (okay, so I still ranted and raved a smidge while they were cleaning up their own mess... )

... but that's not the law that really sunk in with Seth.
... nope, the beauty of it came back in the way that because of the extra clean up time, we were late getting to school    (okay, true confession, I took my time a wee bit getting the little ones ready to make sure that we would be a little late, just to drive home the lesson... hey, I never said the law of natural consequences couldn't use a little help every now and then!!)

... and this child HATES to be late, especially to school. 
... as in, he would rather stay in the car and hide all day then have to walk in late to school 
   (... those of you know know me, know for sure that this trait came straight from his dad!!!)

So as we pulled up late to school, I simply said, "well, the extra clean up time made us late for school... I guess you'll think twice about making such a big mess in the tub next time."
Judging from the look of horror on his face as he made the walk of shame to the school door, I think for once he maybe kinda sorta learned the lesson :).

Child mess: a little inconvenient  
Motherhood moment of triumph: priceless!

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Robin Conner said...

Good job mom! I laughed when I read the post. Sometimes when they make the 'mother of all messes' it's so beyond a yelling moment from me, I simply say nothing and put them to work. Probably for their safety! ;) I bet Seth won't be asking for turbo tubs any time soon! Thankfully!