Tuesday, November 16, 2010

There is a special spot in Heaven...

... just waiting for me if I can get through this day and not inflict bodily harm on my child...
...  who asked if he could watch more TV (after watching far more than he should have already, mind you...)
... and was told, "No, too much TV will turn your brain to mush"... (a comment that once had Sarah in a fit, asking me every 3 minutes if her brain was getting mushy yet...)
... so went to entertain himself while mom experimented with a soup that she is supposed to take to a leadership training meeting on Saturday
... and somehow got upstairs without mom knowing (where baby was napping), and effectively turned the upstairs bathroom into his own personal splash park
... which gushed through the living room ceiling speakers and fell steadily onto the floor (which mom thought was just him washing his hands in the downstairs bathroom, so didn't think a whole lot about it while in the middle of attempting a roue for the soup, and without checking, simply hollered, "okay, Joshy, that's enough, you can turn the water off now"... only to hear his little voice a bit too far away to be in the next room...)
... and effectively formed a wading pool on the living room floor, and also into the bathroom
... which leaked through the fire alarm into the basement
... and could only be classified as Rochester's finest 3 story waterfall...
... and then said child went in to 'comfort' now awake and screaming baby sister
... with a balloon (you know, the type that if a baby pops and swallows will effectively cut of all air circulation, making even mouth to mouth resuscitation impossible...)
... while mom ran around like a crazy person trying to figure out which 'fall' to dam first
... and telling said mom ever so proudly, "I did that!!" as he squishes through the wet carpet leading out of the bathroom.
... then strips down, grabs a sprite can, and when mom (not quite so gently) yells his name, jumps and drops said can, which then pops open, spraying sugary liquid all over the kitchen floor.

... yep, a special spot in Heaven

Has My name on it.

In Gold.


mahina said...

oh man!! how ever do you survive??!

Robin Conner said...

Oh Jen, oh Jen oh Jen! I think Joshy and Jacob were "bosom buddies" in heaven. Can we stick them together and duct tape them to eachother? I think that would be safest for everyone involved. And it would insure their safety from being killed by their mothers! Hang in there darlin! Deep breaths!

angela said...

You always have the BEST stories. I would wonder about you if I didn't have the same type of kids. I hope we all survive.